START-UPS at WE-DESIGNS™ is a pilot project under the larger umbrella of the WE-DESIGNS™ creative agency that started in 2013.  Designed to align with the goals of the start-up community, and specific design needs requested by start-ups, the START-UPS project at WE-DESIGNS™ is focused on providing creative strategies our team has acquired from working specifically with start-ups, especially with the Harvard i-Lab and Harvard Business School.

The concept is simple. WE-DESIGNS™ will provide the same attention to start-ups as our established clients. Whether this is the next big brand strategy for your venture, an original business card, and/or the design-build booth for your next pop-up, we will create it for you.  Start-ups could join a monthly membership, or consider a bespoke design package.  To streamline the collaborative approach, each start-up team will be required to provide the groundwork for their project venture.  This would enable starts-up to take ownership of their creative needs, which will be key to the success of this collaborative opportunity.

You define the vision (strategy and idea), we make it a reality (creation and design).