interactive experiences and spaces, audio-visual installations, shareable digital artifacts, and beyond.

WE are an international network of designers, architects, developers, digital media creatives, producers, brand consultants, art directors, academics, and hustlers.

WE are a generative creative agency delivering branded designs, installations and interactives through a new-technology and research-led approach. We have produced work for museums, festivals, art fairs, public installations, and fashion & lifestyle branding and retail concepts. Our media team develops concepts, audience engagement strategy, experience design, and activations. Our production and design team renders this into the physical, interactive, multi-sensory built experience.

WE believe the international virtual and Internet platform is a means of local to global collaboration, and our trans-disciplinary approach to designing surpasses the traditional physical space. Online video conferencing has become a norm within our practice, to engage with collaborators beyond the metric space and within various international cities. We believe in the many portals of open-source forms of exchange.

As a design practice, we believe that the future of collaborative work includes engaging the design agency beyond the architecture, and probing into various forms of fields and practices, including digital media, advertising, software, design-fabrication, and beyond. Our collaborations range from production work for large cultural events, designs for high-end fashion companies, installations for cultural institutions, to object-based product researched designs. We believe in working towards answering the larger definition of what architecture encompasses within new global practices.